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We Are Richard's Painting Hawaii


Richard started painting when he was in high school.  He worked alongside his father and two older brothers after school and on weekends.  There was no job they would turn down.  When faced with a new project they would simply find out how to do it best and get it done.


They painted commercial and residential properties in Waikiki and Ala Moana.


Richard always had the propensity to help others and reach out to individuals that had less
than him. He was always looking for a way to give back to his community. Richard saw that opportunity when he became affiliated with a 12 step program.  At this point he had the opportunity to train individuals being released from treatment and teach them the trade of residential painting.  To this day, he still does that. 


Richard has never been afraid to take on work he may be unfamiliar with; he simply does his research and does it right. With years in this industry he has an ocean of knowledge from other painters. 


One thing Richard's Father always stressed was to “keep your word because your word is your bond”.  Richard practices this daily for himself and has passed this on to those he has mentored, along with the values of taking pride in their work, doing things right, and not cutting corners, they apply this work ethic here at Richards Painting Hawaii with everything they do.


Richard’s Painting Hawaii is a diverse painting company so you don’t have to deal with a bunch of trades if you don’t want to. 


They specialize in minor kitchen restorations which includes repainting cabinets and updating of hardware, old home restorations, brand new construction, bathroom epoxy coating, popcorn removal, texture spraying, and minor carpentry repairs. 


Richard's Partner Joey met Richard through a mutual friend some years back.  They got to talking story and Richard offered to teach Joey how to paint.  He hadn’t thought much about painting in the past, but decided right then and there to take this opportunity to learn a trade that could be his career.  


He laughs and will tell you there isn’t one day he doesn’t think back and wonder “what was I thinking??”  Nah,Nah...just kidding!


All jokes aside, Joey doesn’t regret his choice to learn from Richard and now he has created an extension of Richards Painting Services and calls it Richard’s Painting Hawaii.


He prides himself in keeping with the values and traditions he was taught by Richard mixed in with his own humor to make it his own. 


It is Joey’s objective to take all these values that Richard has instilled in him to carry on Richard’s legacy of bringing value and quality work to all his customers. 



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